CEO Zizi Cardow Couture

Zizi Cardow – when it comes to the  Nigerian fashion industry; the name Zizi Cardow stands out like a tall Iroko tree in a forest of shrubs.
Such is the impact the married mother of one who opened her fashion house, Zizi Industrial Clothing Company in the year 2000, with a view to globalizing the African fabric and designs so as to give rise to a proudly Nigerian look has made on the Nigerian fashion scene.
Since starting out in 2000, Zizi born to parents from Abia state has gained a lot of clients and fans, a lot of Trendsetters and first ladies, while her works have been featured in all local and many international media including CNN, FTV, SABC and Channel O.
After her first year of breaking into the Nigerian fashion scene, Zizi won the prestigious designer of the year award at the Nigerian fashion show in 2001.This award launched her designs into the African (South Africa) and European markets.
The following years have ushered in many local/international awards and a list of laudable achievements.