To be sincere, I have never experienced a conference and a workshop like this in my entire life. The ambience, the communications, the knowledge, the lectures, the networks, and even the foods and the snacks. I must confess, I really enjoyed myself.
FSD is not just a name, or a Brand but a vision for Africa. Thank you so very much for everything.

For giving us the platform and the privilege to have and experience the best. Although it was very challenging for me at the beginning. from traveling down to traveling back to Ondo State. However; risking all I have in my account for my accommodation and transport fare was well worth it. I thank God, I didn’t miss this for anything else in the world.

Talking about the impact of the conference. Firstly, it definitely generated a new idea which I have started already. It was inspired by the story of Niji Farms. How that he never borrowed money from anyone and was able to run his business successfully. He was able to do that by going to some industries to help them fix most of their mechanical issues and was able to raise money for himself until it is big enough to start the farm that is the largest in Africa today.
Thanks to all FSD Team and my special thanks to the Director herself.
I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. You are a role model.

Tony – Agriculture - CEE2017